What’s in the way of you reading your favourite book?

Ever been looking for a certain book on the bookcase to read? Or one to loan to a friend? And all you’re met with is overwhelm. Bookcases can easily get out of control and out of date, with books shoved on the shelf any old how, in any old place. You pull one book out and others tumble out with it. You waste so much time looking, looking, looking …. Such a drain on energy! Maybe it’s time to have a massive sort out and let go of some books!

For those avid book readers and keepers, this is not always easy. Not everyone has or likes a Kindle; some people simply love books! So here are some questions that may help you make some decisions:

Can I source it elsewhere if needs be? For example, a dictionary and thesaurus can be found on-line.

Is it relevant for who I am and where I’m at in life? As we grow and change, our belief systems and interests can change too.

Is it sentimental? Do I seriously need to keep it?

Do I still want to read this book for the first time? Here’s an idea: put your ‘to read’ books in the one area of the bookcase.

Does this book actually belong on this bookcase? Recipe books (the one’s you actually do use) may be better off in your kitchen if you have the space. Mind you, some wonderful recipes can be easily sourced on-line.

Some books may need to be returned to their original owner, if appropriate (perhaps with a box of chocolates to say sorry!) You might like to set up a little notebook for when you loan books to others, to keep track of them. It’s helped me for years!

So, which books are you going to keep? Which ones will you give away to places like Lifeline for their Book Sale? Which ones will you put in the paper recycling because they’re so tatty or you don’t want anyone else reading that trash? And which ones will you put on a certain shelf that’s your ‘to read’ section?

Oh! What joy awaits you when you stand in front of your beautifully organised up to date book case, knowing exactly where the book is that you’re looking for! Now that’s a stress free zone!

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