When something makes you stop, look around and realise, it’s time to think about decluttering

Decluttering Services

It happens so often.

Clutter piles up bit by bit, while you’re concentrating on other important things like your life, your career, your relationship. You get used to living in the same old, same old. You don’t realise how much energy it’s draining from you; how much time you lose; how it affects your productivity, your state of mind and even your relationships.

But when something makes you stop, look around and realise, it’s time to think about decluttering!

Home Decluttering Services

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Don’t you think that life’s better when your house feels like a home?

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ way to achieve that. It’s different depending on you and your family. You deserve a place you want to come home to, to spend time in, a place to invite your friends.

It’s really special when I hear clients (or the children of clients) telling me that they’re now happy to invite friends around.

We can work on one room or on your entire house, although generally it’s easier to focus on one room at a time. You may find that after doing one room together you’re ready to tackle others on your own. That’s great.

It’s impossible to say exactly how long a room will take. Your home isn’t like anyone else’s, nor can I predict what emotional hurdles are hiding in there. But as a rough estimate, a ‘normally cluttered’ living room would take a day or two. You may find it easier to do half-days. I’m flexible.

It IS possible to have that showroom look to your home as well as be completely lived in and user friendly. That is what I never believed was possible…

…I could regale you for hours with the rooms that changed and the small changes we have made that now make a massive difference in my life. The respect and care Helen gave me through this whole process. The ‘clarity’ I have in my own home.

How do I thank someone when previously I used to walk in the door and automatically start picking up the chaos, I walk in now, take a deep breath, relax and feel welcomed home- my home is clear-clarity does matter.

Katherine Beaumont, Avalon

I didn’t even know where to start…

I was afraid of not getting it all done in time and/or falling apart in the process!

What I got with Helen and Clarity Matters was a clear head, warm heart and yummy comfort food; oh yeah and nursing experience – which thankfully wasn’t really needed but a ‘nice to have’ just in case!

I’d recommend her without hesitation.

Kassia Klinger, Balmoral

Office Decluttering Services

In an office environment, the goal is usually to make the space work for you, so you can be more productive and feel lighter.

That’s the same whether it’s a separate premises or a home office. In many cases, the rest of the house is well put together, but for some reason the home office has got out of control.

Whether it’s time challenges, emotional overload or unclear processes, there’s a way forward. We clear physical and mental space, and put in systems to support your productivity.

A straightforward home office can be decluttered in a day, but more paperwork means more hours.

I was given a 2-hour gift certificate that ended up turning into 42 hours worth of work. My office was a mess and I needed inspiration and someone with experience to come in and help me organise it.

I always wanted to do it but had failed to prioritise the time to do so. But making an appointment made me commit to it.

I appreciated your efficiency and understanding that some things have sentimental value. You ask really good questions that allowed me to truly identify whether I needed some things that I had become attached to. I also really appreciate the shredding service, rubbish removal and the yummy slice!

Layne Beachley, Manly

12 Helpful Tips for Decluttering

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