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There are probably 3 things which have led to me running my current business, which offers home organising services and assistance getting your office into order:

I know how to make spaces work

I have a caring heart

I have a knack for making your house more of a home

I know how to make spaces work

As a kid, I was always rearranging rooms and cleaning things up at home. I lived on a farm, so I did outside work too. I actually enjoyed cleaning out the cow bales and keeping Dad’s toolshed in order.

Now I use that ability to sort out your living room, your office, or even your garage.

I have a caring heart

That’s why my first career was in nursing. It taught me a lot that I use in my business today. Nurses have to be organised, thoughtful and aware of people. They have to deal with strangers, in very personal circumstances. Nursing taught me to put myself in the other person’s shoes. It taught me how to be kind, caring, considerate. To think and wonder about the other person’s needs.

All of that has incredible value for me now in home organising. I take time and effort to understand what it’s like for my clients going through the whole journey of decluttering. I always treat you with respect – for example, I’ll always ask whether I can open your cupboard doors. I don’t invade your space.

I have a knack for making your house more of a home

I start from the position: How do I make this house look lovely and function smoothly for you and your family?

We start by letting go of things you no longer want, need or like. Then we look at what you’ve chosen to keep and how you want the space to work practically. The last step is putting it all together so it looks good, feels right and flows.

About Clarity Matters

I mentioned that I used to be a nurse.

Back in 2002, I had a lull in my work, so I went with my husband to the Central Highlands where he was coaching a bookstore owner. While they were working, I sat in the bookstore and thought about how I’d rearrange it if it was mine.

Take the daggy old blind down. Move the high fixtures to the back and the short ones to the front. Create space in front of the counter. I wrote two pages of suggestions and gave the list to my husband. He gave it to the bookstore owner, who hired me to make it all happen.

I’d stumbled over my ideal business, but I didn’t realise it right away. Then I told a few people about what I’d done, and a friend said, ‘Why don’t you come and do my house?’ Then she told her neighbour, who asked me to help with her house. Things just developed from there and now I work for myself offering home organising services and office clean-ups.

About working with me

If you’re considering working with me, here are some things you might like to know.
  • I won’t do it for you. I’ll do it with you. I’ll help, guide, support and teach, but you have to be part of the process. Every person is different and every person needs a different solution. You have to be committed to developing that solution. That means setting aside the time to work with me, and keeping phone calls and other interruptions to a minimum.
  • I need a minimum of three hours of your time. If we only have an hour, we barely have time to get ‘stuff’ out of the cupboard or off the shelf. There’s no time to sort it out and reorganise.
  • No cleaning up for the cleaner beforehand, so to speak! If you have a problem that you leave things all over the floor, but you pick everything up before I arrive, I can’t see how you function. I can’t help you address whatever makes it an issue for you.
  • Even if I’m only coming in to look at your office, or one room, I’d love to see the rest of the house. Seeing your whole home means I understand you better, so I can help you better.
  • Sometimes decluttering can be emotional. Objects may bring back trauma. I understand that from my own experience and it’s not a problem. We’ll deal with it, whether that means punching pillows to move the anger out, or writing something out and shredding it to pieces. Whatever works to help you deal with it and move on.
  • At the end of the day, anything you’ve decided to donate and which I can fit in my car, I’ll take away. Too many times, donation piles get to the front door and stay at the front door. I’m here with you to help you finish the job.
  • I’ll bring a little slice of something yummy and mostly healthy. Sometimes you need a break on the journey. You need to stop and have a cuppa. And I want that to be a warm experience.
Helen’s kind, empathic, non-judgmental approach truly helped me revolutionise my day-to-day. Her simple strategies for getting organised were do-able, even for me, who’d never really placed a high value on this stuff before. She helped me see why decluttering and simplifying things was fundamental for my wellbeing, even though my family also benefit from my efforts. I am so grateful for the freedom and lightness that has come from this process.

Marg, Sydney

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