Giving the study new life

So, you don’t like going into the room! You would prefer to use other rooms or spaces instead! And you’ve tried doing something about it, but it’s easier to close the door and forget about it!

This happened to Jo. She lived in a beautiful new house. The study was her husbands’ and he’d passed away 3 years before. And so she was left with this room, with all his stuff in it, unorganised and uninviting, the task ahead being so loaded with overwhelm that she didn’t even know where to begin…

And do you know what else was happening? Jo had started a business of her own to fill her time and give her purpose. And because she so disliked the office space, her work area had migrated to the kitchen bench, where she’d set up her laptop. Pretty soon the kitchen had become her pseudo office and the clutter had begun to take over. That was the point when she realised that something drastic needed to be done to get her life, and her house, in order.

That’s where clarity matters! We totally transformed that study into a beautiful, warm, cozy haven for Jo and her business, having sorted through masses of old paperwork and released old bits n’ pieces and furniture no longer needed. We shuffled a few pieces of furniture around and invested in a few new pieces that were simply “more Jo”. The shelves were filled with some of her own books and a lot of small mementos which were very personal to her.

We also delved into the tangled web of emotions that had kept her trapped for years of her life. But as Jo said, it was so worth it for the freedom she then felt. The whole room became this inviting, alive, totally functional space – the atmosphere completely changed and this shift was evident in Jo especially. Her business went on to thrive, and so did her social life – when she didn’t need to remove the office from the kitchen before having friends over for dinner!

On reflection, Jo added “Making the decision to actually do something about the clutter in your life is a defining moment. It probably happens when you feel at your lowest and you know it will only drag you further down if you don’t do something about it.”

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