Do you dash in the front door?

Do you dash in the front door, toss your shoes off, leaving them where they land … in front of the cupboard? It’s not a life or death situation – but there are options if you want your home a tad more organised with way less overwhelm and clutter.

Deep in the pile on the floor, the mate of the shoe can easily go astray, slowing you down next time. And the pile (in the photo) makes your chances of accessing the cabinet drawers, specifically designed for shoes, a whole heap more difficult!

Addressing this is about bringing life up to date – donating the shoes you no longer want – the ones that don’t fit, the ones you no longer like or feel comfy in. Then there’s the ones you’ve completely worn out – they’re for the bin so we don’t add to the rubbish cost of the recycling stores!

It’s also about taking care of what we have, designing a specific space to house each pair of shoes, so you know exactly where they live. It will remove so much stress.

Kids can get in on this too. It’s great to teach them to have special spots for their stuff. Maybe they’ll surprise you when they do actually put their shoes away (in the drop-down cupboard in the photo) – a reality, lead by example from delighted adults.
Let’s honour ourselves with an environment that we love to come home to – functional, easy to clean, with a delightful atmosphere to be in. You’re worth it you know! The wonderful bonus is a home that looks great and is an oasis to enjoy!

Like the idea, and would like help making it happen in your home?

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Take the step of courage so you can look forward to your new look, new feel home! And you’ll feel brand new too!

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