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Giving the study new life

So, you don’t like going into the room! You would prefer to use other rooms or spaces instead! And you’ve tried doing something about it, but it’s easier to close the door and forget about it!

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AA - Rag Doll

What’s really behind the ‘cute little boy’?

When you look at the photo, what did you notice first? The missing drawers or the ‘cute’ little rag boy’ sitting on the floor? Initially it was the drawers that drew me. But as Jane and I chatted our way through the day, the rag boy became the centre of attention.

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1 - Dumping Ground

Do you dash in the front door?

Do you dash in the front door, toss your shoes off, leaving them where they land … in front of the cupboard? It’s not a …

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Bookcase - AA

What’s in the way of you reading your favourite book?

Ever been looking for a certain book on the bookcase to read? Or one to loan to a friend? And all you’re met with is overwhelm.

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About me

I’m the founder and owner of Clarity Matters. That means I’m a decluttering specialist, a professional organiser and a businesswoman – although I don’t usually think of myself that way!

Day to day, I’m just living my passion, which is to help people. To help make their lives better and more comfortable. To help them work better and more productively. For me, it’s all about getting to the bottom of what’s causing your clutter, then helping you change so that you can gain clarity not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.

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As a busy executive and single mum, I have plenty on my plate and always plenty to do on weekends when you add the washing, grocery, meal prep, exercise, family time and possibly some social… sometimes tackling the extra ‘to do’ stuff like spring cleaning, reorganising, decluttering and space clearing gets put off. Thankfully this lovely human Helen Maguire – who does this effortlessly – gave me a hand to create an even more enjoyable living space / oasis to come home to and more organisation in the office too. She brings heart and care through her work. What her clients have struggled with for years, she has helped them achieve in a few hours.

Jane Thorpe, Cammeray

12 Helpful Tips for Decluttering

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