Helen Maguire

Decluttering Specialist

Supporting you to declutter your home or office

Giving you solutions to make sure it stays that way!

Helen Maguire

Decluttering Specialist

Supporting you to declutter your home or office

Giving you solutions to make sure it stays that way!

Hi, I’m Helen.

I’m the founder and owner of Clarity Matters. That means I’m a decluttering specialist, a professional organiser and a businesswoman – although I don’t usually think of myself that way!

Day to day, I’m just living my passion, which is to help people. To help make their lives better and more comfortable. To help them work better and more productively. For me, it’s all about getting to the bottom of what’s causing your clutter, then helping you change so that you can gain clarity not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.

Helen has a deep awareness of the connection between our inner world and our outer environment. She was a delight to have in my home – she brought homemade goodies to nibble on while we discussed my needs.

I love that after sorting, Helen takes away the donations that usually would then sit at my door for months!”

Ali High, Manly

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Clutter can take over your home, or it might happen in your office. As a professional organiser, I help with both.

Home decluttering

Office decluttering

Do you need a decluttering specialist - a professional organiser to help you get things sorted?

There are all kinds of reasons people have clutter:

  • For some people, life has just got too tough. It could be family or relationship challenges, it could be money, it could be health. You don’t just leave one thing on the table, you leave a dozen, and suddenly you’re overwhelmed by ‘stuff’.
  • For others, it’s simply that they’ve never learned how to organise their possessions and create systems. Some people learn from their parents when they’re kids. Others don’t.
  • Some people have suffered trauma and comfort themselves with ‘things’. They get stuck. I understand this one only too well – it happened to me!
  • People with a very full life sometimes struggle to keep things organised at home.

Some people can work through their clutter on their own. Many more get stuck. But it’s hard to admit that, until one day you get sick of the overwhelm.

You realise – you admit to yourself – that if you could have decluttered on your own, you would have done it already.

That’s the time when people dare to make a phone call and ask for help. If you’ve reached that point, let’s talk.

I work with you, without judgment, to understand your concerns and find a way through the clutter that works for you.

I stand by your side, we link arms, we kick down the brick wall that’s blocking your way. I support you and make you feel safe while we do that. Together.

The only thing I ask of you is that you be open to change.

My job is not to make you change; it is to help you change. Then to help you maintain that change, so you keep the clarity in your life even when we’ve finished working together.

If you think you NEED this service – you DO

If you think you MAY need this service – you DO

If you think you DON’T need this service – you DEFINITELY DO

And if you don’t believe me – just try out ONE room and make up your own mind.

I used to live in organised chaos … I walk in now, take a deep breath, relax and feel welcomed home.

Katherine Beaumont, Avalon

Thank you so very much for your brilliant service in creating order in our home. With the merger of two houses, your assistance, suggestions and support in creating an elegant space and order out of chaos is appreciated.

I am delighted to let you know that even months later we are still in order. I am grateful for the time I now save due to the order and “everything in its place”. I love living with the order your assistance created in our lives.

I acknowledge your removal of our perfectly great items so they could be of use to others through charity donations. It is much easier to let go of “stuff”, knowing that linen, towels and household goods could be of use to others.

Karin Slade, Warriewood

10 things I loved about your service:
  • Your ability to ask the right questions and understand our needs
  • Your gift to visualize spatially and see the big picture, and have a vision for the end result
  • The breaking down of goals into manageable steps to prevent overwhelm (eating an elephant one bite at a time)
  • Planning ahead so we finish the day with completion and order!
  • Your passion and excitement for what you do is very infectious
  • Compassion … you are so caring and non-judgmental
  • Responsible to the environment, charities etc
  • Take stuff away to avoid the temptation of us keeping it
  • You’re fun to work with and you have a great sense of humour
  • Do a wonderful Irish jig … a happy dance!
Plus you make the best slice on the Northern Beaches!

Chris Stewart, Avalon

Not sure whether you’re ready for this? Give me a call, let’s chat, and then you can decide.

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